A Fitness Assessment, Then Off I Go!

Beginning April 1st, 2013 (yes, I know it’s April Fools Day.  No, this is not a joke), I am going Gluten-Free Vegan for the entire month.  I’ve spent the last several weeks researching what not to eat, how to eat well and throughly enjoying reading about food.

About a month ago, I got sick.  Nothing terrible, just a lingering cold that left me feeling continually tired and congested. Last weekend, I managed to contract a particularly vicious strain of Strep Throat and it did quite a good job of kicking my cold into high gear again.  Basically what I’m saying is: I haven’t been able to breathe out of my nose comfortably for almost a month and sleeping has become my new hobby.  I’m cranky, coughing, discombobulated and a general hot mess.

¡Perfect time for a full body cleanse!

So, I stopped in to SNAP Fitness near my house yesterday.  They were kind enough to give me a “Fitness Assessment” so I would have a physical baseline from which to work.  If you are a member of this club, it’s totally free and from what I understand, you can get them whenever you want as often as you’d like.  I was thinking it would be interesting to see, at the end of the month, if there are any noticeable physical changes that happen as a possible result of my April Lifestyle change.

Here are my results:

  • Height 5′-2″
  • Weight – 144lbs
  • Body Fat – 32.9%
  • BMI – 25.9
  • Bi/Tricep Circumference – 11.5″
  • Chest Circumference – 37″
  • Waist Circumference – 29″
  • Hip Circumference – 39.5″
  • Thigh Circumference – 24.5″
  • Cardio Fitness Test: 80% Tile = Good (3.8 @ 5 incline, for 5-min on a treadmill: 144 bpm heart rate)
  • Flexibility Fitness Test: 5% Tile = Poor (I believe she recorded this wrong, as I am able to bend at the waist and place my hands flat on the floor. If you asked my boyfriend, he’d say I’m pretty flexible….going to talk to someone next time I’m at the gym)
  • Muscle Endurance Test: 70% Tile = Good (28 sit ups in 60-seconds)
  • Muscle Strength Test: 5% Tile = Poor (10 Chest Presses @ 30lbs.  Again, I don’t think she explained the test correctly.  From what I can tell, this is based on pressing your max weight, but she did not ask me to do that…going to check with another staffer when I ask about the Flexibility Test).
Measurements from SNAP Fitness Fit Score Program

Measurements from SNAP Fitness Fit Score Program

So now I’ve got a physical baseline, a stack of cookbooks and a binder of recipes, friends who are excited to eat my culinary experiments and a blog in which to keep track of it all.

Tomorrow is my first big cooking day to get ready for the week.  I’m making a Rockin’ Moroccan Stew, Baba Ganosh, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Quinoa Tabouli.

Inputting Information From Cardio, Strength, Endurance and Flexibility Test.

Inputting Information From Cardio, Strength, Endurance and Flexibility Test.

Thanks for stopping by to see what I’m up to.  Remember, if you’ve actually found me and would like to contribute to the conversation, feel free to leave a comment, a recipe, a helpful suggestion or a friendly hello.



The Adventure Begins


It all started last fall really, when I decided that I needed to make some positive changes in my life.  Hmmm…no, scratch that.  It all began about a year and a half ago, when my life took a dramatic twist.  Nope, that’s not entirely accurate, either. The adventure began about a decade ago back, when I drunkenly signed up for a 500-mile bicycle ride at 2am.  Grrrrr….friends reading over my shoulder, are chuckling that it goes back much, MUCH farther than that even.

Okay.  Here it is:  I’ve always been a bit of a free spirit and the idea of taking on new challenges, biting off more than I can chew and making major productions of almost everything I touch is apparently a part of my genetic coding.

So, after hearing from several friends about their various gluten-free, vegan, no sugar, no alcohol completely “taking the body back to neutral” cleanses over the past year…well, I decided I needed to see if I could make it happen for me, as well.

So, here I sit.  New blog in lap, Pinterest board “30 Days of Gluten Free Vegan” is filling out nicely and a veritable forest of reading material is sprouting before my very eyes.  The research has begun and I gotta say, I’m pretty pumped.  In just about 2 weeks, I will begin a one month journey into the depths of “living clean”.  I am cutting out all meat.  Removing alcohol and sugars. Eliminating the evil that is gluten and staying as raw and fresh as I can.

This blog will be a record of what I am eating (the recipes and maybe even prep/cooking tips if I’m feeling so inclined to share), how my mind and body are feeling (the positive, not so awesome and probably a weird in there, too) and random blips of whatever else I want to share with the nonexistent following I currently have.  If there is anyone actually reading this, feel free to comment and get involved.  There is always something to learn out there and I would love to learn it from you!


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